Millions of developers use Mobilize tools to successfully modernize billions of lines of code.

Used by over 80% of the Fortune 1000 year after year, Mobilize.Net's migration technology is Microsoft's preferred migration solution for Visual Studio and MSDN customers. Mobilize offers migration technology for many different legacy products – including Visual Basic 6.0, Silverlight, PowerBuilder, .NET and more. 

If you don’t see what you want, give us a call because chances are good we’re already working on it!

C# to Web, Mobile, Cloud

WebMAP migrates classic Windows apps to web, mobile and cloud. Faster and more reliable than a manual rewrite.

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PowerBuilder to Web, Mobile, Cloud

Automated migration technology moves your PowerBuilder code to the web, using industry-standard technologies and architecture.

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ASP Upgrade Companion greatly simplifies the complex migration process from ASP to ASP.NET.

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Java/J2EE to .NET

The Mobilize Java to .NET migration tool, the JLCA Companion, automates a large part of the conversion process, dramatically shortening migration time.

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Sharepoint Legacy to New Sharepoint

Move your old Sharepoint applications to newer versions.

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Delphi to Web, Mobile, Cloud

Accelerate the migration of your Delphi applications to .NET or HTML.

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Natural Language for Multiple Geos

Translate all the elements contained in source code that are written in Natural Language.

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VB6 to .NET

VBUC converts VB6 code to C# and VB.NET. Endorsed by Microsoft, VBUC generates 100% native code without runtimes.

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Silverlight to Web, Mobile, Cloud

Mobilize has multiple options to help you move off Silverlight Phone and desktop.

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Informix 4GL to Java

Accelerate the migration of your Informix 4GL assets to Java while reducing risk and cost.

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An accurate and cost-effective option that enables you to move your HTML code and get quality XML code guaranteed.

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Unisys Linc to J2EE

Transform your Unisys Linc/EAE to Java, allowing you to take advantage of a robust, modern, and open development environment.

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Windows XP to Web, Mobile, Cloud

Windows XP is at end-of-life. Learn what it takes to move off XP and transform your apps to modern platforms.

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Don’t see your legacy platform?

If you don't see your legacy platform, chances are good we can still help you out.

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"Without WebMAP migration technology, we would take at least twice as long to migrate our software at more than twice the cost." 

Stephen Davis 
Commercial Director at Capita Insurance & Benefits Services

"Mobilize.Net gave me a very cost-effective way to move my application from an outdated platform to the Web. Their service and support were stellar."

David Hutchins 
Hutchins Systems

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