VBUC Migration Customizations

    The Mobilize.NET Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC) is a tool that converts Visual Basic 6.0 code to the .NET Framework. It includes many unique characteristics, such as the ability to generate both VB.NET and C# code, the migration of the data access layer from legacy technologies (DAO, RDO and ADO) to ADO.NET and the automatic transformation of commonly used COM components to native .NET components. The main objective of the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion is to dramatically shorten migration timeframes by eliminating the need to manually rewrite code from the VB applications.

    A significant productivity booster for a development team is to have the VBUC do as much of the work as possible. Performing repetitive changes to, for example, replace an ActiveX component with a .NET native control, is better done by the VBUC at migration time. This also applies to particular programming patterns used by organizations that need to be replaced by .NET-native patterns, and to coding conventions that vary between VB6 and .NET languages.

    The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion provides three mechanisms to customize the code generated by the VBUC: Migration Profiles, Custom Maps and Customizations. This section provides and overview of the three customizations mechanisms. The rest of this document concentrates on how to identify, implement and determine the advantages of the Customizations mechanism.

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