Mobilize’s VBUC development team can also include additional rules in the VBUC that require more context than a simple mapping, such as error handling patterns, architectural modifications, and others.

    These customizations are useful to:

    • Modify the generated code to fulfill specific customer needs (e.g. company coding standards, application architecture changes, ActiveX replacement, etc.)
    • Increase automation to:
      • Reduce manual intervention to fix migrated code.
      • Reduce compilation and runtime errors of migrated code.

    These types of customizations were used by Vertex, a leading global BPO and customer management outsourcing business located in the United Kingdom, as documented in the case study:

    “Vertex decided to migrate the Omiga application to C# using a customized version of the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion, a tool developed byMobilize.NET based on artificial intelligence technology. Mobilize.NET was highly recommended by Microsoft UK, and the customization of this migration tool enabled Vertex to automatically convert coding patterns and meet its preferred standards.”*

    Vertex Omiga Migration Case Study available online at:

    These types of customizations require some modifications to the VBUC that can only be performed by Mobilize.NET. It is a very valuable option that allows companies to get a higher-quality end product which furthers improves the return on investment from the migration.

    The remainder of the document focuses on the process followed for

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