VBUC Customization Migration Profiles

    Starting with version 2.0 of the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion at the beginning of 2008, the end user has control over which features and transformations to use for a particular migration through the concept of Migration Profiles. These profiles improve the quality of the generated code, give exact control over the transformations (for example, migrate a specific third party components to a native .NET equivalent but leave another one through COM Interop).

    There are two types of rules that can be switched on/off. The first type are the Code Conversion Rules, that deal with patterns applied to the code, such as generating structure error handling (try…catch) from On Error…Goto statements or applying commonly used naming conventions to the code. The second type are the Component Maps, that translate from one ActiveX component, such as the database access mechanisms provided by ADODB, to a native component, such as ADO.NET by using the provider-specific System.Data.SqlClient.

    The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion supports automated migration for over 7000 3rd party control properties, methods, and events.

    Profiles are managed through the Profile Maintenance screen:


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