EWI Index

    The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion helps with this process by inserting different ErrorsWarning and Issues information messages (hereafter referred to as EWIs) into the migrated source code as comments. For more details on what an issue is look here.

    Some general recommendations about handling these EWIs can be found here.


    Code  Description
    206 Untranslated statement in %1. Please check source code
    1003 ParamArray %1 was changed from ByRef to ByVal
    1037 Couldn't resolve default property of object %1
    1041 %1 was upgraded to %2 and has a new behavior
    1042 Array %1 may need to have individual elements initialized
    1044 Sub Main in a DLL won't get called.
    1047 Application will terminate when Sub Main() finishes
    1048 Add a delegate for AddressOf %1
    1049 Use of Null/IsNull() detected
    1063 Arrays in structure %1 may need to be initialized before they can be used
    1068 %1 of type %2 is being forced to %3.
    2050 %1 Event %2.%3 was not upgraded
    2065 %1 %2 %3.%4 has new behavior
    2074 %1 %2 %3.%4 was upgraded to %5.%6 which has a new behavior
    2077 Change the default 0 index in the Rows property with the correct one
    2080 %1 was upgraded to %2 and has a new hehavior
    2081 %1 has a new behavior
    6002 UserControl Event %1 not supported
    6007 The lower bound of collection %1 was changed from 1 to 0
    6021 Casting 'int' to Enum may cause different behavior
    6022 The CommonDialog CancelError property is not supported in .NET
    7005 Parameters (if any) must be set using the Arguments property of ProcessStartInfo
    7006 The named argument %1 was not resolved and corresponds to the following expression %2
    7008 The ProgId could not be found on the computer where this application was migrated
    7009 Multiples invocations to ShowDialog in Forms with ActiveX Controls might throw runtime exceptions
    8007 Trying to marshal a non Blittable Type (%1). A special conversion might be required at this point. Moreover use 'External Mashalling attributes for Structs' feature enabled if required


    Issues Index

    Code  Description
    1002 LSet cannot assign one type to another
    1010 The preceding line couldn't be parsed
    1014 %1 statement is not supported
    1016 Declaring a parameter 'As Any' is not supported
    1039 Load statement is not supported
    1040 %1 function is not supported
    1043 Class instancing was changed to public
    1046 %1 Parameter '%2' is not supported, and was removed
    1050 Structure %1 may require marshalling attributes to be passed as an argument in this Declare statement
    2029 Unload %1 was not upgraded
    2036 property . does not support custom mousepointers
    2038 Form property %1.ScaleMode is not supported
    2042 A string cannot be used to index the %1 control collection
    2059 %1 property %2.NewIndex was not upgraded.
    2064 %1 %2 %3.%4 was not upgraded.
    2068 %1 %2 was not upgraded.
    2069 property . was not upgraded.
    2070 Constant %1 was not upgraded.
    2072 %1 %2 could not be resolved because it was within the generic namespace %3.
    6003 %1 %2 was not upgraded.
    6012 CommonDialog variable was not upgraded
    7003 The Hdc should be released once it is used for safety


    Notes Index

    Code  Description
    2041 The following line was commented.
    7001 The following %1 (%2) seems to be dead code
    8001 Element %1 was removed
    8008 Element %1 is obsolete and should be removed


    TODO Index

    Code  Description
    1035 #If #EndIf block was not upgraded because the expression %1 did not evaluate to True or was not evaluated
    1050 Structure %1 may require marshaling attributes to be passed as an argument in this Declare statement
    1059 Code was upgraded to use %1 which may not have the same behavior
    1065 Error handling statement (%1) could not be converted properly. A throw statement was generated instead.
    1066 %2 is defined by a CreateObject method, which class name is not registered.
    1067 Member %2 is not defined in type %3
    1069 Error handling statement (%1) was converted to a complex pattern which might not be equivalent to the original
    2018 Remove the next line of code to stop form from automatically showing
    2045 Only TrueType and OpenType fonts are supported in Windows Forms.
    7010 The connection string must be verified to fulfill the .NET data provider connection string requirements
      How to prevent the application from exiting immediately after starting