NOTE #8001

    Set Element was removed


    This message is displayed for the VBUC for several maps, when an element used in VB6 is obsolete in .NET or it is just no longer needed. This EWI is displayed if an assignment to a Property that will not be supported on the target is found. Because the target element is no longer available the whole statement is commented out.

    Sample VB6

    Private Sub Form_Load()
       Dim text As String
       Dim SSPanel1 As ThreeD.SSPanel
       SSPanel1.Enabled = True
       SSPanel1.Caption = ""
    End Sub

    Target VB.NET

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    	Dim SSPanel1 As Exact.Win.UI.Panel.Panel
    	SSPanel1.Enabled = True
    	'UPGRADE_NOTE: (8001) Element Set property was removed.
    	'SSPanel1.Caption = ""
    End Sub

    Target C#

    private void Form_Load()
    	Exact.Win.UI.Panel.Panel SSPanel1 = null;
    	SSPanel1.Enabled = true;
    	//UPGRADE_NOTE: (8001) Element Set property was removed.
    	//SSPanel1.Caption = "";

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