NOTE #7001

    The following declaration <declaration1> seems to be dead code.


    The VBUC analyzes the private subroutines and functions of each source code file, identifies the ones which are not used and generates them commented out with the 7001 EWI preceding them. This improves the migration process by reducing the amount of manual work required to compile the application in .NET.


    The target methods can removed from the upgraded source code if they will not be used in the future.

    The code for these methods is migrated, but commented out. If it is necessary to keep this code, it can be uncommented and used with the rest of the application.

    Sample VB6

    Private Sub DeadCode()

    MsgBox "DeadCode"

    End Sub

    Target VB.NET

    'UPGRADE_NOTE: (7001) The following declaration (DeadCode) seems to be dead code

    'Private Sub DeadCode()

    'MessageBox.Show("DeadCode", Application.ProductName)

    'End Sub

    Target C#

    //UPGRADE_NOTE: (7001) The following declaration (DeadCode) seems to be dead code

    //private void DeadCode()


    //MessageBox.Show("DeadCode", Application.ProductName);


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