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    What are the options to customize the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion?

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    Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 3.0 and above

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    There are two options available to customize the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion:
    - Custom Mappings: they can be used to perform simple, single-step transformations and can be implemented with a very limited effort.
    - Complex Rules Extensibility: used to perform complex multi-steps transformation of complex patterns. This typically requires an accurate definition of the grammatical/syntactical transformation (Specifications document) and higher development effort which involves the Mobilize VBUC product team.

    Custom mappings can be use to map some VB6 libraries to target .NET controls as described in the following article:

    Our recommendation is to read the above article and investigate if the Custom Mappings feature will be enough to achieve the replacement of a VB6 library. If the replacement is complex, Mobilize can prepare an estimate for customizing the VBUC using the Complex Rules Extensibility.

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