VBUC Developer Edition Offline Activation Process


VBUC Developer Edition Offline Activation Process

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Visual Basic Upgrade Companion Developer Edition

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I cannot connect to the internet during the product activation, how do I perform an offline activation?


1. At the very first run the VBUC will prompt for an activation method, Select the "Request an Activation File to avoid activating online", Press next.
2. Input the activation key provided on the Sales/Trial generated email. If the sales/trial email was lost or not provided, please contact support@mobilize.net to generate a new activation key.
3. The next screen will display the activation file request code which starts with “--BEGIN REQUEST--” and ends with “--END REQUEST--”. Please email that code to support@mobilize.net and in the next 24 hours we will generate an offline activation file for you to activate the tool without an active internet connection.
4. After the activation file is provided, please select the second option from the activation prompt and input the activation key used to generate the activation file and the activation file.

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