The Sheridan SSDesignerWidgetsTabs is an ActiveX library that contains several visual controls.

    The SSIndexTab contains Tab items which in turn contain controls displayed when the Tab is selected.

    Although the controls are placed on a Tab at design time, they are actually stored on a page of that Tab designated as page zero. This page is unique in that it cannot be removed.

    The following list shows which SSDesignerWidgetsTabs components are mapped to .NET equivalents:

    Class Maps To
    SSDesignerWidgetsTabs.SSIndexTab System.Windows.Forms.TabControl
    SSDesignerWidgetsTabs.CTab System.Windows.Forms.TabPage
    SSDesignerWidgetsTabs.CTabs System.Windows.Forms.TabControl.TabPageCollection
    SSDesignerWidgetsTabs.Constants_TabOrientation System.Windows.Forms.TabAlignment

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