The Sheridan SSCalendarWidgets library provides a set of controls with an intuitive graphical interface for users to view and set date information: the SSDateCombo control, that allows the user to select a single item from a list of dates or times, the SSMonth grid, containing the numbered days of the month, arranged in columns underneath the days of the week with the selected range of dates highlighted), and the SSYear.

    The following list shows which SSCalendarWidgets components are mapped to.NET equivalents:

    Class Maps To
    SSCalendarWidgets_A.SSDateCombo System.Windows.Forms.DateTimePicker
    SSCalendarWidgets_A.SSMonth System.Windows.Forms.MonthCalendar
    SSCalendarWidgets_A.SSYear System.Windows.Forms.MonthCalendar
    SSCalendarWidgets_A.Constants.StartOfWeek System.Windows.Forms.Day

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