Difference in the amount of EWIs with the VBUC and Visual Studio Upgrade Wizard


    Errors, Warnings and Issues (EWIs)

    Applies to

    Visual Basic Upgrade Companion Enterprise Edition, Visual Basic Upgrade Companion Developer Edition

    Inquiry Description

    I am getting many more EWIs with the VBUC than with the Visual Studio Upgrade Wizard, does this means that the Upgrade Wizard is converting more code than the VBUC?


    First, it must be stated that the amount of generated EWIs (Errors Warnings and Issues) is not (inversely) proportional to the actual quality of the upgrade process. There is a mechanism to provide a better quality conversion process and help the user to understand the upgrade process details.

    It is recommended to compare the output source code from different upgrade processes to get a better idea of the generated code quality.

    The EWIs evolve from one version to another in several ways:

    1 - Code conversion improvements: some EWIs get removed or modified because the automatic conversion is enhanced.

    2 - Conversion feedback improvements: other EWIs might be added to increase the feedback quality about already existing conversions.

    3 – Mixed improvements: a combination of the cases above.

    When comparing the Upgrade Wizard and VBUC EWIs, the following comments can be made:

    The EWIs present in the Upgrade Wizard and not in the VBUC must be related to issues that have been corrected automatically.
    The EWIs present in the VBUC and not in the Upgrade Wizard must be related to old issues that were not marked by the Upgrade Wizard and are identified by the VBUC.
    The EWIs present in both upgrades are related to conversions that keep a similar behavior.

    Finally, I would like to add that ArtinSoft technology has evolved dramatically since the creation of the Upgrade Wizard. We have delivered several VBUC versions, each of which has significantly reduced the costs of the upgrade projects executed by ArtinSoft and/or our clients while improving the quality of the generated .NET code.

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