5. Start the Automated Upgrade

The upgrade process will start by clicking the Upgrade Projects button from the tool bar or or just by pressing F5.


Note: The upgrade process has two major phases: preprocess and upgrade. When upgrading, the projects that need to be preprocessed will be preprocessed automatically, there is no need to perform Preprocess All command before starting an upgrade. Triggering phases individually can be useful for complex upgrade scenarios.

Once the Automated upgrade migration stage is complete the VBUC generates the following information:

Upgrade Output folder

The output folder will contain two subfolders:

  • PreProcessInfo: This folder contains only temporary information used to guide the conversion process. It should not be deleted if more upgrades are going to be executed.
  • Upgraded: This folder contains the final output of the upgrade process. After the upgrade phase has been executed, this folder will contain the .NET source code files, a .NET project and a Visual Studio solution file (.sln) for each project that was upgraded. Additionally, a .sln file can be created including all the upgraded projects from the upgrade solution using the Generate Main .Sln File option. (Go to: Upgrade -> Generate Main .Sln File)

Lines of Code Report

An XML Spreadsheet with a report of source files per project and lines of code is automatically saved when the UpgradeSolution is saved.( SolutionName_LOC_Report.xml at the same location as the upgrade solution) This report can be viewed and modified using Microsoft Excel.

Report Example:

Lines of code per project LOC        
Project1\InterfacesDll.vbp 15        
    Code Comment Blank Design
\Class1.cls   7 0 1 8
Project2\Project2.vbp 22        
    Code Comment Blank Design
\Class2.cls   8 0 0 1
\Module1.bas   6 0 0 0
Total lines of code: 37        

Next to the .vbp name are the lines of code of the project. This number is the one that will be reduced from the license when the project is upgraded.

Note: The design lines of a form are counted as lines of code of the project. For this reason, the number of lines you see on the Visual Basic 6 IDE may differ from the number on the report. To view all the lines of a source file, open the file using a regular text editor.

Upgrade Report

The upgrade process will produce one Upgrade Report HTML file for each upgraded project. The Upgrade Report contains information about issues that might need to be manually resolved before the upgraded project can be compiled and executed properly.


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