References Tab


    This tab shows a tree view with the references of selected projects on grid. It is highly recommended that unresolved references are fixed before upgrading a project.

    Unresolved Create Object Reference Option

    • Open Code Section: Opens another screen with the code section that has the reference.
    • Open Project: Opens the VB6 project that the reference belongs to.
    • Set Reference Manually: Sets the reference to another project or type library.

    Note: The line number of the reference may vary when the file is opened in VB6 because some code lines are hidden by the VB6 editor. If the code file is opened with a text editor the line number will be correct.

    One common cause of unresolved references is that the referenced dll is not registered. Dll files should be registered using regsvr32. (e.g. regsvr32 <dllname>).

    Unresolved Static Reference Options

    When right clicking an unresolved static reference the user can set the reference manually.


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