6. Visual Basic Upgrade Companion - Command Line Interface

    To create an upgrade solution and perform the upgrade process:

    VBUM <sourcePath> <solutionName(without extension)> [options*]

    To upgrade an existing solution file:

    VBUM [options*]

    Options detail:

    Option Description


    Show the usage of the VBUM


    Display the license information

    /out <outputPath>

    Specify the output directory

    (Default: <sourcePath>\UpgradeOutput)

    /target {vb|cs}

    Specify the target language

    (Default: vb)

    /upgradeoption <file>

    Upgrade Option file to use [Standard | MoreDotNet | MoreInterop]

    /vsversion <version>

    Choose Visual Studio Version for output.(2005-2008-2010)

    /folder <folder>

    Choose to preprocess/upgrade only one subfolder (it has to be relative to the solution source path)


    Include all needed * projects in the preprocess phase


    Don’t update warnings when loading a solution

    /phase <phaseId>

    Execute only the indicated phase

    (Default: Preprocess and upgrade)

    <phaseId> values:

    • solution - Only create solution file. Not valid for case #2 above
    • preprocess - Only preprocess projects and create analysis information
    • upgrade - Only upgrade phase using existing preprocess information
    • assessment - Generate the assessment report xml.

    Typing options (only one option can be used):


    Use full typing for object and variant members


    Don’t use typing for object and variant members


    Use local typing for object and variant members

    * The needed projects are those that reference or are referenced by one of the projects included in the upgrade. If the needed project is not in the upgrade solution, it will not be included.


    • Upgrade all the VB6 projects that are contained in

      “C:\Source Code\” vbum “C:\Source Code\” MySolutionFilename /out ./OutputPath /target cs

    • Perform upgrade on all the projects specified in an upgrade solution file.

      vbum SolutionFilename.VBCSln

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