Mobilize.Net's Visual Basic 6.0 to .NET Assessment Tool is an analysis program to help you understand your application and measure the effort required to migrate your code to .NET.

This tool analyzes the application’s source code and creates an accurate inventory of the code, components and their relationships from a migration perspective.

You can read the instructions for using the tool here.

The main goal of the VB6 and ASP Assessment Tool is to analyze Visual Basic 6.0 and ASP projects and obtain information useful for determining the effort required for the conversion to Visual Basic .NET, C#, and ASP.NET. The Assessment Tool generates a group of both HTML and Excel-compatible reports that are used as a basis for further calculations related to task effort and cost, including the following:

Analysis Summary

The summary page is launched automatically once the analysis completes, displaying an overview of the information gathered during the process. It contains the metrics for total lines of code, the total projects and their type (VB6 Standard EXE and ActiveX projects or ASP Root folders), file types, and the amount of references found in the application.

Project Statistics

The Assessment Tool gathers specific statistics for both the Visual Basic 6.0 and ASP Projects, listing all the source code metrics per project. Source code lines are classified into Visual (Design) lines, code lines, and comment lines. 

In order to make the analysis as accurate as possible, the Assessment Tool also detects and counts lines taking into account common code reuse patterns, such as shared files, and uses heuristics to detect potential duplicate files that appear in more than one project.

File Statistics

The VB6 and ASP Assessment Tool also generates analysis information at the file level. In this report it is possible to identify whether a file was detected as shared or duplicated, and review the actual counts at the file level. This level of detail allows for a more comprehensive planning as the project progresses

Project References

When performing a migration, it is necessary to have a clear picture of the components used in the application, and where they are referenced. The Project References report produced by the VB6 and ASP Assessment Tool lists all the references from a given project, and goes a step further by classifying them into Internal (references to other Visual Basic 6.0 projects), External (binary references) or Undetermined (no binary or source present in the analysis) references.

Data Manipulation

Along with the HTML reports, the VB6 and ASP Assessment Tool also allows you to open the reports using Microsoft Excel. It is then possible to use Excel’s powerful analysis features to manipulate the data gathered during the analysis and create personalized reports and views, and to start working on the effort estimate based on the results.


Using the Results

With thousands of migration projects and years of experience, Mobilize.Net can quickly tell you the estimated level of effort required for your migration project based on the output of the assessment tool. Whether you do it yourself or in conjunction with our migration specialists. Just zip up the files generated by the assessment tool and email them to with a request for a ballpark estimate.