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Migrate Code to Snowflake with SnowConvert

Take your SQL, Spark, and custom scripts to Snowflake


SnowConvert supports migrations from Spark-Scala, Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, Spark-Python (PySpark), DB2, Greenplum, Vertica, RedShift, and BigQuery. 

SnowConvert accelerates any migration from a source data platform or Spark to Snowflake. SnowConvert for Teradata, SnowConvert for Oracle, and SnowConvert for SQL Server are available right now. If you're using Spark for your analytics tasks today, you can also utilize SnowConvert for Spark-Scala to migrate workloads running in Spark to Snowflake by taking advantage of the Snowpark API. In addition, Mobilize.Net supports Python, DB2, Greenplum, Vertica, Redshift, Hive and BigQuery.

Snowflake is the premier data platform built for the cloud. If you're not already taking advantage of all the platform has to offer, don't let the fear of migration loom too large. At Mobilize.Net, we've been performing migrations for more than a quarter century, and we've seen what it takes to make a migration successful. As a result, we've created a tool designed to solve the hard problem in any migration to Snowflake: Mobilize.Net SnowConvert.

If you're interested in

Mobilize.Net SnowConvert has the ability to assess source platforms and convert. This is :

  • Data Platforms:
    • Assess and Convert
      • Teradata
      • Oracle
      • SQL Server
      • IBM Db2 - Coming Soon
    • Assess
      • PostgreSQL
      • Amazon Redshift
      • Google BigQuery
      • Greenplum
      • Hive
      • Vertica
  • Spark Sources
    • Assess and Convert
      • Scala
      • Python (PySpark)


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The Premier Snowflake Migration Tool

What makes SnowConvert the premier code migration tool for Snowflake? Deep semantic analysis through code understanding. Unlike simple "find and replace" or regex tools, SnowConvert creates functional equivalence in the target platform by deep code analysis. By creating abstract syntax trees and complete symbol tables for any codebase put through the tool, Mobilize.Net's patented solutions bridge the gap from a source platform to the target by producing output code that mirrors the functionality (not merely the appearance) of the source. Given our close relationship with Snowflake, Mobilize.Net has the most experience creating functional equivalent code in the target platform.

SnowConvert is designed to take all of your tables, views, stored procedures, macros, join indexes, and proprietary scripts from your current data warehouse to Snowflake. The same goes for any code you may have running on Spark or other scripts that you'd like to migrate to take advantage of the Snowpark API. Any legacy code or logic that works with your data can be automatically converted to functionally equivalent code in Snowflake.

Learn more about SnowConvert's capabilities by visiting our documentation page.

Mobilize.Net migration engineers have successfully migrated millions of lines of code. Want to learn from the best? Reach out and we'll hook you up with migration engineers and architects.

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