Web Application and Blazor Workshop

Modern .NET Web Day with Fritz & Friends

This workshop is over - thanks to all who attended! Complete this form if you want information on future workshops 

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Modern .NET Web Day

March 22, from 11AM to 4PM ET
  • 11a ET - Running Blazor in production, lessons learned Jeff Fritz and Friends will be hosting "Modern .NET Web Day" on Twitch (twitch.tv/csharpfritz).
    Jimmy Engstrom
  • 12p ET - Distribu-ready with the Modular Monolith
    Layla Porter
  • 1p ET - Level up your Blazor UI with Open AI
    Ed Charbeneau
  • 2p ET - Publish Your Blazor App for the Open Web
    eff Fritz
  • 3p ET - Be More Productive with GitHub Copilot
    Brian Randell
  • 4p ET - Get Your App Built and Deployed with .NET Aspire
    Brady Gaster

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Modern .NET Web Day

Have you wanted to learn about how to build modern web applications, but just haven’t found the right resources to get started?  Join Jeff on March 22 at 11am ET to take a deep dive into the richness of .NET 8.  We’ll cover everything from ASP.NET Core, Cloud Native development, Developer Productivity, GitHub Copilot tips, AI, User Experience, and Front-End Development insights.