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Federico Zoufaly

Federico Zoufaly

VP Sales

Federico co-founded the company and has been a leader in application legacy modernization for over 15 years.

He is a regular presenter on legacy application migration at top technology events including VSLive!, Microsoft //Build, and Microsoft TechEd. He is also a prolific writer of many papers, articles, blog posts, interviews and co-author of one of the few books on Automatic Software Migration.

With a technical background (Ph.D.c. from the University of Florida) combined with hands-on management in real world legacy migration projects, Federico is passionate about the intersection of the technical challenges and the business need for automated transformation.

Previously, Federico was product manager for several different technologies at ArtinSoft, including the creation of the only two third party migration tool that shipped with multiple versions of Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. Federico successfully led a team of engineers and testers to ship technology that met Microsoft’s shrink-wrapped software quality standards that was distributed to millions of users.