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Human Resources Department


Responsible for keeping our employees, partners, and contractors happy. These roles are all about continuous improvement and finding creative ways to keep teams motivated and productive.

Talent Acquisition

The IT recruiter will be responsible to design and execute all strategy related to mass recruiting for our company, focusing on talent attraction and image marketing.

Coordinate and schedule all process to interview candidates, lead events on universities and work fairs, manage relationships with Universities and lead internships program, own and manage requisition process within the company, including maintaining Job Descriptions.

Is also responsible to manage relationships with outsourcing companies, manage referral program, manage all communication processes related to recruitment, promote our company on social media platforms and review all applications though our career site and career email distributions.

Years of experience:
3+ years of experience.

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HR Coordinator

The HR Coordinator will be responsible to design and execute all strategy related to employee retention, compensations and benefits, compliance with company policy and lead Training and Development. Will also manage: all compensation and benefits program, overview budget and design strategies for employee retention, employee services support platform (letters, concerns, questions, feedback), employee evaluation program, company policies, and keep workforce up to date on all process, training and development program, manage employee climate surveys, design and lead all improvement plans based on results, coordinate and schedule employee engagement activities, support all company process related to facilities and security. Will provide assistance on facilities management to Director of Operations, to Board of Directors, manage workforce employment and vacation records, and provide support to recruitment process and activities.

Years of experience:
3 + years 

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