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Job Benefits & Perks

You’ll have an amazing range of opportunities.

Mobilize.Net Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

Talented people recognize talent and we reward our employees who send us referrals. We award generous bonuses for successful referrals!

Career Growth

Career Growth

We all work to make our company a vibrant, informal, fun, and productive place where great people want to work and grow.

Mobilize.Net Flex-Time Benefit

Flex time

Early bird or night owl?
We offer flexible hours for you to start your day at your own time.

Mobilize.Net  Work from Home Benefit

Work from Home

We offer a generous work-from-home policy so you don't have to worry about every day traffic. We also believe work-life balance!

AsoMobilize  - Asociación Solidarista

Employee Union

We all know how important it is to save money, we have AsoMobilize for that. Enjoy several benefits, from discounts in stores to low interest rates loan with our Employee Union (Asociación Solidarista).

Mobilize.Net Health-Insurance Benefit

Health Insurance

Mobilize offers a medical insurance coverage plan for you and your family!

Mobilize.Net Scholarship Benefit

Scholarship Program

You have the opportunity to continue your education! The Mobilize.Net scholarship program is designed to cover professional related courses, technical degrees, and even master's degrees.


Incapacity Coverage

Mobilize.Net makes sure you receive your salary during the first 10 days if incapacity. Our goal is for you to focus on your recovery and not worry about financial issues.

MobilizeNet Special Licenses Benefits

Special Licenses

Being a dad, getting married and bereavement. These are all important moments in your lifetime that the company will support you by granting a special license.


Free 24/7 Parking

We know how important no-hassle parking is for you, so we have free 24/7 parking lot access with lots of spaces. You can even use your parking privilege for any personal reason whatsoever. If there is an activity in the National Stadium that you are attending, such as a sporting event or concert, park here!


Location and Food -

Located in Sabana Norte, our offices offer a splendid view of Sabana Park and the National Stadium with a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, plazas, and stores many within walking distance where you can find whatever you’re craving. We are also close to downtown San José and several principal bus stops from most of the main lines.


Your Birthday Off

We honor your birthday by giving you the day off!


Social Activities

We have lots of activities including FIFA Tournaments, holiday celebrations, team building, soccer tournaments, Game Nights, and running competitions.



We have creative and innovative teams that are always open to new ideas. Our employees develop strong bonds that go beyond work. We’re not just colleagues, - we’re friends!


Casual Dress Code -

We value comfort over formality. You can wear jeans, t-shirts or whatever makes you comfortable.

Sick Day

In a trustworthy environment, whenever an employee calls in sick, we give them the day off to rest or seek medical assistance.

Free Beverages and Fruits

We offer quality coffee including lattes, cappuccinos and espresso. We also offer teas, other beverages.

DISCLAIMER: This is a quick informative list of benefits and perks offered by Mobilize.Net. This list is not intended to substitute the detailed and explicit internal policies which cover the terms and conditions for each one.