The best available tools to perform code migrations from a source database or Spark application to Snowflake.

Spark Scala
Spark Python
SQL Server

Data Solutions
The premier productivity workbench designed and optimized for teams using Snowflake.

Translation with SnowConvert
Edit, Debug & Deploy
Automated Test Case Generation
Metadata Analysis
Source Code Management

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There are countless ways to take advantage of BlackDiamond Studio and SnowConvert.

Migration and Other Snowflake Services
Get Up and Running with Snowpark
Using the SnowConvert Trial
Build a Cross-Platform Object Inventory

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Michael Shea

Michael Shea

Member of the Board

Michael has worked with emerging and established software companies for almost 25 years as a banker, an equity research analyst and a trusted advisor.

Prior to founding Shea & Company, Michael served as Head of Infrastructure Software coverage for JPMorgan and a predecessor organization, Hambrecht & Quist, based in San Francisco with global coverage responsibility.

Michael is known for the depth of his client relationships and analytical but consultative manner; he has built his practice through working closely with management, owners and investors on strategy formulation and transaction execution related to complex issues.